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HOWTOGUIDE4PC previously known as PHA-Tech is a source for Windows how-to guide and other computer related technical help,  a site aims in helping Windows and computer hardware users. In this site you’ll find Windows tutorials and guides on how to use your Windows Operating System.  This site also guides you in troubleshooting your computer through the how to guide, articles and through the community help forum. Registering is free and easy just click this register link and follow on through the steps in registering an account, then you’ll be able to post on the community forum.


In this site you’ll also able to find some electronic guides, tutorials, reference and online calculators such as resistor color code calculator, resistor series or parallel calculator and ohms law calculator. With your basic knowlege in computer, know what component or peripheral inside your computer, the do's and don'ts and the basic safety procedures in doing your computer troubleshooting is enough.


 Most of the Windows tutorials and guides in this site are designed for the computer beginners, tutorials and guides are always accompanied with images and links to other reference in such a way that it is easy to follow and understand.


How-to Guide / Windows Tutorials
How to Install a Desktop or Laptop Computer Memory
How to Install a Desktop or Laptop Computer Memory When planning to upgrade your computer memory, there are many memory type to consider such as DDR 1, DDR 2 and DDR 3 always check your motherboard manual for the type of memory it support. Always take note that memory types are not forward or backward compatible with other type of computer memory, for example DDR 1 is not compatible with DDR 2 nor DDR 3 or vice versa. DDR 2 compatible motherboard should be installed with a DDR 2 memory type and not DDR 1 or DDR 3read more...
How to Install or Replace a Computer Processor
How to Install or Replace a Computer Processor A microprocessor or the CPU is one of the main component of a computer system without it the computer will surely not function at all. The processor determine the speed of your computer overall system performance alongside with the system memory and the hard disk drive speed, if you are into computer gaming consider a high end graphics card for top system performance, so when upgrading your computer consider these computer componentsread more...
How to install a motherboard
How to install a motherboard The motherboard also called a mobo is the biggest printed circuit board inside your pc casing, it is where you connect the processor, memory, hard drive, peripheral devices and external devices such as printer. Installing a motherboard requires that the motherboard be installed properly otherwise you'll be facing problems such as the computer don't power up, constant system freezing or hang, recurring system reset and unprecedented system errors. In this guide I will show you how you can install a motherboard properly so you can avoid problemsread more...

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